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Stop Designing Your Own Business Cards!

Picture yourself at a networking event... how are you planning to connect with potential clients? With an artfully customized, physical business card, or with a digital business card app? Handing someone your business card is a great way to form a professional, personal connection. They'll remember the connection that was built with them and your card will be used as a physical reminder when they put it in their purse, cupholder, or pocket. With a digital app such as Popl, the personal connection instead turns into a quick scan of a QR code and rifling through a bunch of contacts later. Read on to discover the five key reasons why tangible business cards hold the key to your success in our digital world.

1. Clients can easily get in touch with you

Physical business cards beautifully display your business name and contact info which makes it easy for potential clients to reach out to you. When you're out and about, you can even drop some cards off at other local businesses to get the word out about your brand!

On the other side of the coin, Popl is an app that serves as a digital networker and stores contact info. While at face value it's convenient, what's more memorable? A connection over contact info inside an app or something personal and tangible that you can feel and pin to your fridge or corkboard?

2. Make first impressions with confidence

3. Consistency

4. Quality

5. Stand out!

Ready to stand out? Let's collaborate and create business cards that speak volumes about your brand! Drop us a DM or visit our website and let's make bold statements together!

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