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Clients Can Be Found Where You Least Expect

Owning my own business has brought me incredible clients and unforgettable experiences, all thanks to our wonderful local community. I've had the opportunity to meet, work with, and be inspired by so many amazing people on this journey. Putting yourself out there is key; you never know when your next big client or business opportunity will come knocking!

One of my favorite client stories revolves around an unexpected encounter with a local gem called @Kaffe Crepe. My coworker and I used to frequent this fabulous restaurant every week for lunch, little did I know it would lead to something incredible. Over time, I built a close relationship with the owners, and they entrusted me with designing their website! Fast forward five years, and they've expanded to a second local business. Now, I handle their social media accounts, website management, and marketing support, all while running my own business, BCP, full-time!

The lesson? Embrace every interaction and connection you make – you never know where it might lead!

And speaking of local gems, I'm thrilled to share my food blog @snackonthat_ , where I feature other amazing eateries in our community! Follow along for delicious treats and inspiring stories from local businesses.

If you're looking to take your own business to new heights and need help with marketing, I'm here to assist you! Let's collaborate and create something amazing together. Contact me today for a free consultation! #MarketingExpert #BusinessGrowth #CollaborateWithMe #FreeConsultation #SupportLocalEateries

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