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Let's talk about brand awareness

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Let’s talk about brand awareness. Think about the friends and family in your life… do they ever mention things like, “I am an Apple person” or that they are ride or die for one specific store like Whole Foods? That right there is what brand awareness can do for a brand! It literally weaves itself into their lifestyle, purchase habits, and even verbal communications!

One of my favorite resources, HubSpot, put out the “Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness” in November 2020 where they cover the importance of brand awareness, how to establish/boost brand awareness, and how to measure it! Want to read the full guide? Check the link in my bio! To create brand awareness, we have to do more than promote a product or service! We have to connect with our audience and build trust aka we want to be defined as more than a company that just sells stuff!

So how can we do that?

  • Engage with your audience- if someone comments on a post or messages you, reply! The human element is key

  • Tell stories about the company- people love knowing the background details and makes them feel more connected

  • Make your content easy to share! Seems obvious, but it’s important to mention

  • Sponsor events

One major takeaway from the guide HubSpot provides is to “be a person, not a company.”

Think about how awesome and exciting it is if you tag a brand you love, and they reply or share what you tagged them in! It means a lot!

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